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WATOMATIC for Marketing Automation
  • WATOMATIC for Marketing Automation
  • WATOMATIC for Marketing Automation
  • WATOMATIC for Marketing Automation
  • WATOMATIC for Marketing Automation
  • WATOMATIC for Marketing Automation
  • WATOMATIC for Marketing Automation
  • WATOMATIC for Marketing Automation
  • WATOMATIC for Marketing Automation
  • WATOMATIC for Marketing Automation



WATOMATIC is powerful and flexible marketing automation software. It allows SME marketing teams to simply create lead acquisition, customer engagement and user retention campaigns.

WATOMATIC was developed in partnership with the operational consulting firm WAT&CO. This solution provides all the tools a company needs to improve the conversion of its leads, nurture and automate the relationship with them as well as ensure better ROI on numerous communication channels (email, SMS, notifications, social, etc.). ).

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WATOMATIC allows the creation of a contact list which can be entered manually or uploaded. This list can also be created via users responding to online forms as part of a marketing campaign. It allows the creation of unique identifiers to track their behavior across your website. As they interact with you, you can get a clearer picture of who they are, where they come from, and how they interact with you. Visitors can be converted from anonymous entities to “known” contacts. As more detailed information is collected, marketing campaigns can be developed through the automated creation of personalized landing emails and web pages. All this with the primary goal of offering personalized experiences to customers. WATOMATIC is one of the simplest marketing automation tools to use on the African market.

Below are the best features:

 Contact Management: Provides a comprehensive view of individual contact records, including basic information about each person. The tool also provides detailed information on all of a person’s activities as well as their behavior history. Watomatic automatically identifies unique contacts using various information, such as IP address, email, or cookie (or others you choose to set).

 Automated email marketing campaign: Email campaigns are a central feature of WATOMATIC. With existing contact information, campaigns can be created using a set of built-in and, most importantly, fully customizable email templates.

 Forms: Forms are the main point of contact for customers. When a contact interacts with your forms, a number of actions occur. These include the obvious information gathering step, where contacts give you basic information about them. This information can be entered manually or uploaded internally (uploading internally is what can be most useful for marketers wanting to get the most out of WATOMATIC functionality).

 Marketing Automation Features: Automation features are one of the most valuable aspects of WATOMATIC. It manages the automated marketing process through a series of actions, triggers, points and steps. WATOMATIC allows you to group contacts into different segments. These may include demographic information, such as gender or location, or by interests. However, these can also be created automatically based, simply, on user behavior. Behavior tracking is governed by a series of rules that contacts establish by filling out forms, navigating different sections of a website, or responding to marketing campaigns. These rules are guided by a set of actions and triggers. Steps and points are indicators of progress through a set of steps for a contact or customer. Using a marketing campaign as an example, let's say a contact receives a targeted email and clicks the link. This action of clicking the link can be set to trigger one or more other actions.

 Available integrations:

o CRM (Salesforce, Zoho, Hubspot, etc.)

o CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.)

o Workflow (GoToWebinar, Zapier, RSS, etc.)

o Social Networks (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, etc.)

o Email (Outlook, Mailchimp, Mailjet, etc.)

 Lead scoring: Through lead scoring, you can identify prospects who are particularly interested because of their activity and who could target them, for example through sales.

 CRM: With the built-in CRM, you can easily track all leads and customers. You can also use your existing CRM, with many seamless integrations.

 Segments: Automatically segment visitors based on traffic source, website activity, etc.

 Reporting: Allows the creation of detailed and highly customizable reports.

 Personalization: You can fully personalize emails and home pages according to your graphic charter. It is also possible to use your own domain.

 Automation: Thanks to the visual campaign editor, setting up even complex workflows becomes child's play. It allows you to provide prospects with the most relevant content in a fully automated way.

 Landing Pages: Create professional landing pages for your campaigns using numerous templates.

 Forms: Thanks to the designer

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