SOFT HOTELIER, allows you to manage your hotel establishment, or your hotel residence and also your guest house simply and intuitively.

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Below are the best features for managing a hotel establishment with SOFT HOTELIER:

 Management of your customers' reservations: allows you to track and trace all reservations made by your customers via the following information: reservation reference, room concerned, the customer subject of the reservation, Start date and End of stay date, and the status of the reservation (in progress, Confirmed, paid, awaiting payment, blocked, etc.).

 Managing your customers: via a simplified interface, you can manage hotel customers easily. Your customers' information will be: name, first name, telephone number, email address, origin, etc.

 Room management: The software allows you to manage the rooms in your hotel establishment, namely: room number, or name, the type of room: single, double, sweet, the price of the room reservation, etc.

 Dashboard: allows you to view in real time in a calendar all the reservations made in your hotel establishment, you can monitor your rooms in this dashboard and generate situations quickly from this table, based on filtering by date.

 Manage expenses: allows you to have proper management of all expenses of your hotel establishment.

 Accounting sheet: at the end of each day, you can edit an end-of-day accounting sheet for the management of your hotel establishment.

 Status management: possibility of consulting reservations made over a given period,

 Possibility of adding several categories for reservations with their colors,

Typical clients: • Multi-company/Multi-site

Deployment: • Cloud-based / On-premises

Pricing options from: • Free version / Free trial / Subscription

Light version: • Self-employed/Small businesses (from 2 to 50 employees)

Pro version: • Medium companies (51 to 500 employees) / Large companies (500 employees minimum)

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