About us

Our company

WAT&CO's purpose is to help organizations make the changes needed to gain competitive advantage and win. WAT&CO has made “Operational Consulting” its specialty, it has initiated a lasting transformation of company approaches. From the very beginning, the firm's passion for innovation has been its hallmark. At WAT&CO, innovative ideas are a source of value.

Regardless of their professional experience, education and culture, our professionals come from diverse backgrounds and have much in common. Notably their commitment to challenging traditional thinking and solving complex problems, their experience across diverse industries, their integrity and their determination to help clients succeed.

WAT & CO is an operational consulting firm. That is to say, we support our clients (both public and private) in the implementation of their transformation projects. This transformation dynamic can be Commercial, Organizational, Managerial, Cultural… or even Global.

OUR VISION: To be recognized as a key player in operational consulting for the design and execution of growth operations in major African economies, by redefining standards of excellence in our preferred sectors.