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Study Soft is a learning platform designed to provide teachers, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system for creating personalized learning environments. The software can be installed on a web server, or on a fixed machine.

Study Soft is a product in constant evolution. This page only gives an overview of the many features it offers.

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Below are the best features of Study Soft:

 Modern, Easy-to-Use Interface: Designed to be responsive and accessible, Study Soft's interface is easy to navigate on desktop and mobile devices.

 Personalized dashboard: View current, past and future courses, as well as tasks to be completed.

 Collaboration Tools and Activities: Work and learn together in forums, wikis, glossaries, database activities, and more.

 All-in-one Calendar: Study soft's calendar tool helps you track your academic or corporate calendar, course deadlines, group meetings and other personal events.

 Convenient file management: Drag and drop files from cloud storage services such as MS OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive.

 Simple and intuitive text editor: Format text and easily add media and images with an editor that works on all browsers and web devices.

 Notifications: When enabled, users can receive automatic alerts about new assignments and deadlines, forum posts and also send private messages to each other.

 Progress Tracking: Educators and learners can track course progress and completion with a range of options for tracking individual and course-level activities or resources.

 Secure authentication and mass registration: More than 50 authentication and registration options to add and register users to your platform site and courses.

 Multilingual capability: Allow users to view course content and learn in their own language, or configure it for multilingual users and organizations.

 Batch course creation and easy saving

 Manage user roles and permissions

 Detailed reports and logbooks

 Online Grading: Easily review and provide feedback online by annotating files directly in the browser.

 Peer and self-assessment: Integrated activities such as workshops and surveys encourage learners to view, rate and evaluate their own work and that of other course members as a group.

 Results and Rubrics: Choose one of the advanced grading methods to tailor the gradebook to your course and exam criteria.

 Competency-based grading: Establish skills with personal learning plans through lessons and activities...

Typical clients: • Multi-company / Individual / Multi-site

Deployment: • Cloud-based / On-premises

Pricing options from: • Free version / Free trial / Subscription

Light version: • Self-employed / Small businesses (from 2 to 50 employees)

Pro version: • Medium companies (51 to 500 employees) / Large companies (500 employees minimum)


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